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What We're Passionate About

I think there is perception that even adapted sport and PE is only for disabled people of a certain 'ability'.

As an ex-para athlete, I saw many times that only certain types of conditions and severities of those conditions were represented in competition. Certainly if you have a complex condition, it can be difficult to find people to identify with.

That is why, when Richard and I started Omnis CiC, we decided that wanted to focus on the people who might otherwise miss out. From a personal perspective, people often think that I began life as what they see now, which could not be further from the truth!

When I was 15, I weighed less than 5 stone and I was 4 foot 11. I was born with no natural athletic talent and no innate physical talent.

What I did have though, was great mentors, coaches and an environment that allowed me to flourish. So from a personal perspective, my passion is helping those people in the same way.

That is something that myself and Richard have in common. Richard often says that he finds coaching elite athletes boring and prefers development. So we decided a while ago to focus on that end of the spectrum.

Many people often assume that we 'cannot' work with their kids because of the complex of their conditions. In fact it is often the opposite. We take small steps, we work with people for a long period of time but the complexity just means that we have to think a bit.

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