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Omnis Circumvado CiC (latin for all encompassing) is a social enterprise that provides totally inclusive physical activity opportunities to: 
  •  SEN Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Local Authorities 
We are specialists in adapted sport and PE, who focus on those with complex needs​ who would otherwise miss out.  We have also developed a number of our own special programmes. These include:
  • P-Ball - a free movement class designed for people with very severe physical limitations. We use giant beach balls to improve range of motion and coordination. 
  • Wheelchair Skills Training - we have designed a wheelchair skills training programme for both those who use manual and electric wheelchairs. Those who use walking aids such as frames, can also take part. 
  • Seated Sports - we have adapted a range of mainstream sports into seated versions that allow wheelchair users and ambulant participants to play together. 
  • Visual Impairment Awareness Training - we blindfold participants and pair them up for relays and agility courses. This is fun way to teach people about sight loss.
How Are We Funded? 
We are funded through a mix of commercial and grant income. Our team are experienced bid writers and we can provide advice and guidance what funding is available. 
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